The Legend that was Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson was an innovator, setting no limits on tyre design.

Ever since 1963, the company started by American motor racing legend Mickey Thompson has been a leader in tyre innovation, known worldwide for its high performance 4x4 wheels and tyres for both track and of road environments.

Racing Heritage
Heritage There's no doubt that Mickey Thompson was motivated by winning races in record setting times. In fact he designed the very tyres that made him the fastest man on earth; an astonishing 406.6 mph (650.6kph). He set another record time to win one of the most grueling offroad races in the world, the Baja 1000. And then there's the 485 speed and endurance records set – more than any man has achieved.

Mickey Thompson led the way in many aspects of tyre design and production. Sidebiters, tread running down the tyre sidewall. A 4x4 offroad tyre with a 23 degree directional pattern. Kevlar-belted 4x4 tyres.

Now in the 21st century, Mickey Thompson Tyres continue to be a world leader and innovator. Take the latest idea, PowerPly – carcass construction that gives tyres a faster response. Mickey Thompson has the worlds largest range of special sizes, offroad tread patterns and carcass constructions, you can experience the this legendary performance of Mickey Thompson's offroad 4x4 tyres.

Be part of the legend.

Mickey Thompson
Racing Heritage

Racing Heritage

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires is known worldwide as a leader in high performance tyres and wheels for use on the track and in off-road racing.

Our commitment and dedication to racing began with Mickey Thompson and Gene McMannis. Mickey, an innovative race car driver, designer, and promoter held 485 National and International speed and endurance records. Gene McMannis' racing accomplishments included designing and developing tires for the Pan American Road Race, Daytona, LeMans, Indy 500, and Bonneville Salt Flats. He holds various patents. The list of innovations from Mickey Thompson Performance has grown along with the company.

The Company

The Company

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires designs, develops and distributes specialty tires for the street, strip, track, and off-road. Since its founding in 1963, the company has championed many firsts in the tire industry, from wide low-profile street tires to rugged, aggressive-tread off-road tires. Designing and producing innovative tread patterns and compounds to build the best performance tires in the world was our focus then, and is still our focus today.